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Tell me the stories
"Tell me the stories of our past
From the first to the very last
No matter how tragic or gory
I need to hear about our lost glory
So maybe then I can understand
How we can take back our beloved land."
Opposites Attract
Finally finished this! :iconshocky-shiver:
One of the few times they were happy lol (Sorry if Brook's nothing like you pictured her by the way xD)
A Voiceless and a Coyote
As promised, here it is! Had a lot of fun drawing these guys :D
[OC] Jackson Harper

References used.

This is just an OC I made that I might use for roleplaying sometime :)

Character Description: (TLDR; for a zombie apocalypse setting, a former non-violent drug trafficker that is now addicted to heroin and survived mostly thanks to other people).


Name (& nickname): Jackson Harper (Jax).
Age: 27.
Place of Birth: North Carolina.
Gender: Male.
Race: Caucasian white.
Previous occupation: drug trafficker.

Social Class before apocalypse: from small-town upbringing to progressively rich with drug money.
Language: English, a little bit of Spanish.
(Former) Friends: his dead partner Ricardo, who was his connection from Venezuela to bring drugs into America.

Physical Description

Height: a bit above average.
Body built: slim.
Hair: blond, short at the sides and a bit longer on top and at the back.
Eyes: grey.
Detailed Physical Description: not very muscular, but fit since the apocalypse. Light skin. He has a few tattoos on his right shoulder (a snake, a scorpion and abstract designs).
Typical Clothing: a black shirt with the sleeves torn off (for summer), a white broad leather jacket, blue jeans, brown belt, black boots. He also has a golden necklace (short around his neck), and a few rings.
Equipment: a duffel bag filled with heroin, two needles, an almost run-out lighter and some matches, a spoon and a cable. As weapons he has a handgun, an AK 47 with no bullets left and a long knife. He also has a red truck and the necessary things to syphon gas from other vehicles.


Personality/Attitude: Jackson can be a bit paranoid at first, but quite easygoing once he feels comfortable and has his “medicine”. If he doesn’t shoot up often enough, he becomes anxious and irritable. He is not violent by nature and hates to get to the point of having to kill someone, in spite of having been involved in drug trafficking. Still, he is capable of murder and injuring people quite badly if he has to. He has fun killing zombies by running them over with his truck or shooting them, but doesn’t like getting his hands dirty directly. He’s an opportunist.
Skills/Talents: good at rationalizing and resource-management, and getting things done without a fuzz –as long as it doesn’t involve murder, then it's hard for him. He’s pretty good with guns. Adaptable.
Favourites/Likes: heroin, country music and blues, being able to lay down and relax as much as possible, getting along with people,  having a good meal, good-looking women, smoking, dogs. Before apocalypse: money and expensive cars and apartments.
Most Hated/Dislikes: gore and extreme violence, regarding either zombies or people, disloyal people and fake friends, being used or manipulated.
Goals/Ambitions: simply surviving, in the best conditions possible.

Weaknesses: he is not very reliable. Impulsive and dependant of his drug. Not very good with the knife and some other up-close weapons. A bit racist due to his upbringing.
Fears: getting killed and especially eaten alive; and pain in general.
Philosophy of Life: try to live and let live, but mostly get to the top.
Attitude Toward Death: very afraid of it.
Religion/Beliefs: atheist.
Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: straight, has had plenty of meaningless sex, doesn’t have any principles or morals around it. For him it’s just one more need, like eating.
Education/Special Training: poor formal education, had some training with knives and guns but never properly learned the latter.
Place/Type of Residence: wanderer.
History: got into the drug business to make quick money, and was just getting started as an important trafficker when the attack occurred. He was in the middle of a delivery when the chaos started, and decided to flee with a truck filled with his heroin, his partner Ricardo and his bodyguards. He’d never actually consumed heroin before, but with the bitterness of the apocalypse he started and quickly became an addict. Everyone else around him eventually died (either fighting and killing each other or by zombies), leaving him alone with the truck and the remaining drugs. What kept him alive up to that point was his easy-going nature, quick thinking and previous status, which made the rest of his group protect him but still see him as somewhat useful and not just a burden.



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